Fail: Perform full host registration and inventory

  • Hi there

    I’m currently evaluating Fog, which looks great, but I’m having some issues registering a machine. I’ve setup Fog on an Ubuntu 10.04 VM. It is in its own VLAN. I have another VM on the same VLAN on the same ESXi host which I have installed a Centos 6.2 Minimal ISO on. I now want to register this machine.

    I PXE boot the machine (Selection_016.png):


    Then when I choose the Perform Full Host Registration and Inventory option I get the following errors (Selection_015.png):


    It then goes on to say:
    - Starting host registration…
    - Unable to register host for the following reasons:

    Then nothing is displayed.

    Has anyone come across this problem before? Can you not pull an image from VMWare??

    Any suggestions would be awesome!



  • hey chat-bisd - thanks for the reply.

    I have booted the VM into debug mode, I noticed that when I do an ifconfig the eth0 card is not detected - which is strange! I tried updating the kernel to 3.2.4 with the VMware SCSI Driver Support included - however it still does not detect the eth0 card.

    When I run the compatibility test with FOG the hard disk passes but network fails…

    Any tips??

  • Moderator

    Can you try the debug mode to gather info on where it’s failing?

  • OK so I’ve tried setting the hard disks to IDE instead of SCSI on the machine I’m trying to register and still had no luck.

    I then tried compiling a custom kernel using:




    However still had no luck.

    No one else solved similar issues with VMWare before…?

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