UNSOLVED Synchronization of multiple FOG servers

  • Hi,

    We have three FOG servers that are not geographically co-located and are on networks that have no routing between them but service the same population of laptops.

    We would love there to exist a mechanism where we could point all the servers at a file storage server on the Internet, such as an FTP server or a file synchronization service like Google Drive or Dropbox. We would like the following to occur:

    • Each server would maintain a file on the remote file storage with a journal of database changes.
    • All the machines would read these journals and use them to keep their databases in step (an extra database field could be added to show which server in the constellation was the last to image a given laptop.)
    • Images should have a flag to indicate whether they should be common across the servers. If this flag is TRUE then the server that created that image should upload it to the shared file server and it should then be picked up and added to the other servers in the constellation to enable seamless reimaging if a laptop is moved from one region to another.

    Of these capabilities, the database synchronization is far more important to us. We can shift the image folders ourselves.

    Thank you,

  • @PaulTR

    You can do this already with the location plugin. If your three sites are internet connected and have domain names or static IPs, then you need to just allow traffic from each site to each other site through the Firewall for FTP and HTTP and HTTPS, and then you could drill down further by setting up port forwarding if you wanted, or have sub domain names and configure DNS to take care of the Name to IP resolution.

    If you build a storage node for each physical site, and put all three in the same storage group, and make one of them the master storage node (the one that receives all uploads), then all storage nodes should then replicate images - and you’d be using one single Fog Console instead of three.