Cannot get log viewer to display actual server

  • What/ Where/ does the webui get the information to display under log viewer…I find it odd that I can see the nodes, but not the server with Image Replicator, Multicast, Scheduler, access, and error logs. It’s not even an option.

  • Testers

    What version of FOG and Ubuntu are you using? Did you recently update either of them?

  • tftp password, is the same as /opt/fog/.fogsettings file and same as passwd on storage node settings. All passwords match including fog user password on server itself.

  • Testers

    I had a similar issue on my server and I found that when I updated to the new trunk that the passwords in fog configuration>fog settings>tftpserver and the fog account on ubuntu did not match. I updated the password in ubuntu to the one showing in the settings and it fixed this issue. As the storage nodes use the password you added into the storage configuration this sounds like it could be the same issue.