• So you thought you´ll get rid of me easyly!..No sir, here I am again!..And of course…with troubles! 🙂
    My old “dnsmasq issue” about the bug of the pxe boot file name (undionly.0 instead of undionly.kpxe) was solved, and my settings to make Fog work on my lan combined with my TPLINK router and its dhcp server works great!
    Now, the new point is: when the ltsp.conf file is present (at /etc/dnsmasq.d), the fog clonning system works fine. But fog server machine LOSES INTERNET ACCESS!
    But if I delete the ltsp.conf file and leave the dnsmasq.d folder empty, fog machine RECOVERS INTERNET ACCESS!
    So, this make me think I could add a line or lines to ltsp.conf file, in order to keep Internet access. Is this correct? Whis are this lines? Or how to achive this?
    Internet supplied by tplink router with dhcp embeded.
    Thanks in advance to all of you.

  • @Tom-Elliott YESSSSSS!!! I commented out line "port=0 ", and…voilá! I have full clonning system working, with fog machine capable to access the internet!
    Thanks a lot my friends!


  • Then maybe try commenting it to let your own dns work rather than dnsmasq operate as dns.

  • @pabloinza Yes that line, After you uncomment the line, restart dnsmasq.

  • @Tom-Elliott Hi Tom. Thanks for answering. Do you mean this line?:

    • Don’t function as a DNS server:

    I have that line uncommented, I mean, it is runnning.

  • DNSMasq is a full suite of DHCP/DNS/Proxy system. While we use it with FOG as primarily a proxyDHCP setup, it can serve much more than that.

    What, as far as I can tell, is happening is all DHCP requests are getting something from proxyDHCP. While it’s normally fine, if you comment the port=0 portion out, it will typically pass to your main DHCP’s dns setup. This appears to be backwards of what’s happening to your setup.

    Try uncommenting the port=0 part and restart dnsmasq and make sure things are happening as you need.

  • Do you still have the port commented out?