SOLVED Removing a Scheduled task

  • I registered a client computer and then attempted a WOL, which never went through since it had the wrong mac address…I re-imaged that client computer and named it something else…Now I can’t remove the queued task for the old client name. Anybody know how I can remove this task ?

    FOG Log Viewer _ FOG Configuration _ FOG _ Open Source Computer Cloning Solution.pdf

  • thanks for all the mysql pointers, and that last line worked like a charm.

  • @Hanz Just delete it from the table.

    If you know the computer’s old name or ID number in FOG or incorrect MAC or anything identifying at all, you can do some querries to get info and delete it.

    Where you see single quotes in the code below, those stay.

    Here’s how to search by name:

    use fog
    select * from hosts where hosts.hostName = 'NameGoesHere';

    Here’s how to search by MAC:

    select * from hostMAC where hostMAC.hmMAC='00:25:11:a2:a9:5d';

    After you have the hostID, you can delete the host from both the hosts table and the hostMAC table.

    Something like this, using ID 165 as an example:

    delete from hostMAC where hostMAC.hmHostID = 165;

    You could delete by MAC or ID from either table, I believe.

    And you can simply delete every row in the tasks table and everything will be fine.

    use fog
    delete from tasks where 1;

  • Would it be possible to re-image the same computer and then name it what the old name was…Would this then allow the WOL to play out, thus removing it ?

  • no, unfortunately

  • It doesn’t show up inside Task Management?