• Hello Good People,

    I have a Dell Lattitude E6540 that will not PXE boot to fog. It keeps coming up with “TFTP open timeout”. I can ping the fog server, log into the fog server, and boot to fog on other dell computers both laptops & desktops. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    note: “Boot mode is set: LEGACY; Secure Boot: OFF”. Typically I use these settings for all of my other computers and this seems to work, but I figured the more information the better the forum has the better. I am running the newest fog.

    Thank you in advance

  • @cml Well Shoot! that did it. I’m sorry I should have tried a different computer first. It’s early on a Monday here in Michigan and my brain is still mush after the weekend. Thanks again…I feel dumb lol

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    Do you have other E6540s that work?

    I have had this issue with some Lenovos in the past. Updating the BIOS and resetting to defaults usually fixes it, but when it doesn’t we’ve had to replace the NIC.