SOLVED SVN 3783: Reporting only shows uploaded tasks

  • In this build I’ve noticed that it doesn’t show the downloaded images, but it shows those that have been uploaded.

  • This is what I meant.

    Since I updated on Jul 14th it only shows the uploaded images, but it showed the downloaded images before (see Jul 13th).

    And I can tell you that we have done a a few downloads these days.Captura.PNG

  • I’m marking this as solved as I’m still guessing this is the case as I described earlier.

    It isn’t only showing those that have been uploaded, rather the image types of the logs didn’t represent how we now read them. So it’s assumed they’re all uploads, not downloads. This doesn’t mean all of those types are Uploads, it just doesn’t know how to interpret them as they’re originally labeled types.

    To further the “proof” of this, I’ve modified the reading code of this to Display Upload if the type is up, download if the type is down, and if anything else it will just print the code stored.

  • I don’t follow.

    I just did a report on imaging log for everything I’ve ever had, and it displays uploads and downloads.

    My guess, the imaging logs you’re looking at were from a time before 1.x.x, meaning they had different type codes. These type codes got changed. Basically if the type isn’t translated as down, it is displayed as upload.