SOLVED SVN 3764 unable to change any FOG configuration settings

  • I just upgraded to SVN 3764 and anytime I try to make changes on the FOG configuration page the settings either don’t stick or I get a white page. Then when I reload the white page I see the settings also didn’t stick.

  • Team viewer and I helped fix the issue described in this thread. The issue was mcrypt was not loaded properly. Copying the needed ini file to the mods available folder and enabling the module helped correct this. I’ve now added checking to the installer to further prevent these types of cases hopefully.

  • @jamesb Can you try reinstalling the version you had before upgrading? Like a fresh install, then restore your sql backup? I’m sure it is just that something went awry with the upgrade process that has something locked up.

  • I just downgraded a couple of revisions and the issue still occurred. I even re-applied svn 3764 but the issue is still occurring for me. I’m on Ubuntu by the way.

  • I’d try restoring to your latest backup, then attempting the upgrade again. I also upgraded to 3764 this morning and have no issues when it comes to changing the FOG config settings.