UNSOLVED Host Name Changer Creates New AD entries

  • In our environment whenever we try to change a name through the fog server, it creates a second entry for that particular machine in active directory. As in I image a machine with name Alpha, then later change it to Bravo, instead of it updating the active directory entry for Alpha to Bravo, We end up with a new entry for Bravo, but Alphas entry remains. Is there anyway to get it to skip the un-join and just change the name? We have tried to bypass the un-join in the hostnamechanger which only netted us computer with a changed name but a broken trust relationship. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Ok we will give that a go. Thank you for the help.

  • Senior Developer

    Correct, upgrade to 3738 (or higher), and then download the new client from your server.

  • When you say to try the new SVN are you referring to updating fog from 1.2.0 to 3738 or is there an updated fogservice?

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    There is nothing we can do about it; the legacy client is depreciated (It hasn’t been worked on for quite a few years, minus my product key addition way back when). If you upgrade to SVN you can try out the new client and see if the problem is fixed.

  • If I rename a computer using the Change Name/Domain Changes option in System Properties the machine entry in AD is simply renamed to the new name using the same SID, it does not create a new entry and SID. A machine named Temporary that is renamed to Temporary1 using the Change Name option, changes the name in AD to Temporary1. Changing a machine name using the hostnameregister creates a new entry and SID for that machine, which then leaves me with a broken entry of Temporary, and a new working entry of Temporary1.

  • What you’re stating is specific to how Active Directory works.

  • I believe Legacy running FOG 1.2.0, we have the new coding for the hostnamechanger.dll though.

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    Legacy or beta client?