UNSOLVED Pauses while uploading image ???

  • Hi,

    Somebody know why, when uploading images only, partclone upload 1%, 2%, less or more then pause for 10 seconds or 2 minutes then continue 3%, 4%, then pause again for 30 seconds then continue 5%, then pause for 1 minute, then continue… then pause, then continue, then pause, then continue… seem to be randomly and, finally, it took twice the time to upload an image in front of clonezilla that does not have the problem. Frustrating. Timer is continuing while blocks stuck… then restart… then stuck… then restart… then stuck…

  • Is this specific to a particular kernel and/or system?

  • @Jean-Jacques-Morda said:

    Don’t even know how those work as well with such complex procedures !

    You’ll get there.

  • @Jean-Jacques-Morda Hey, this is funny, when i test with “clonezilla server”, it’s reversed. It pause on the Giga network and does not pause on the 100MB network !!! Definitively a config problem i think. More i work with network, more complex i found them. Don’t even know how those work as well with such complex procedures !

  • @Wayne-Workman Hmmm… every image i upload yes but in the 100MB network plugs. If i connect to Giga Network, upload does not pause. Strange. Peharps a link with network cache configuration ?

  • What’s happening is… compression.

    Compression is performed client-side.

    The client uses it’s own CPU to compress a partition until it’s memory buffer is full, at which point it dumps the work it’s done so far to the FOG server, then it continues where it left off.

    Every upload does this - and available RAM, CPU architecture, CPU instruction set efficiency and clock speed, and HDD read / write time, and the FSB speed all determine how quickly… or slowly… this goes.

  • This is every image you upload?