Configure Multicast Address Fog 1.2.0

  • My network team has asked me to customize our multicast settings to use a specific network address. Looking at the wiki, it states that under Fog Settings -> Multicast Settings, I can configure this. But since I installed 1.2.0, I only see options for the Interface, Starting Port, and Max Sessions.

    How can I customize other Multicast settings in 1.2.0?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @kenneth.sisco said:

    can configure this. But since I installed

    You can’t really, not without probably breaking a lot of stuff.

    To get the custom multicast address feature, you’ll need to move to FOG Trunk.

    Here are some articles on that:

    I was actually the person who requested the custom multicast address and port, lol. So, When I say it’d be very difficult and you’d likely break lots of stuff, I’ve been there and done that.

    FOG Trunk is really stable right now, too. I use it at work and home. I’ve already imaged my entire building this summer in under a month - and I use the custom multicast settings.