Windows 7 randomly rebooting with FOG Client installed?

  • hi everyone, I recently installed the fog client onto a bunch of computers running W7x86 (SP1) and now i am getting reports that they are randomly rebooting without any warning. The event viewer isn’t pointing to anything going wrong either.

    Is anyone else experiencing this?? I really want to be able to use FOG.


  • Yeah, the FOG log on the client (C:/fog.log by default) would probably tell you why the client was rebooting the computer. You can also check if forcerestart=1 in C:\Program Files\FOG\etc\config.ini.

    Reboot options can be set several ways in the FOG manager too:

    [B]Auto logoff[/B]
    [][B]FOG Configuration > Auto Log Out[/B] or
    ][B]Other Information > FOG Settings > FOG Service - Auto Log Off[/B] or
    [*][B]Group Management > [I]myGroup[/I] > Service Settings[/B]
    Remember that “Auto logoff” reboots the client computers after it times out.

    [B]Task reboot[/B]
    [][B]FOG Configuration > Task Reboot[/B] or
    ][B]Other Information > FOG Settings > FOG_SERVICE_TASKREBOOT_ENABLED > 1[/B] or
    [][B]Group Management > [I]myGroup[/I] > Service Settings[/B]
    ][B]FOG Configuration > Green FOG[/B] (Only if no user is logged in) or
    [*][B]Group Management > [I]myGroup[/I] > Service Settings[/B]

  • I would disable the task reboot, and auto log out services globally in the FOG management under fog configuration. That should fix or narrow down the issue.

  • I had this several years ago and I think it is either the Auto logout feature not working with windows 7 or the task reboot service module. What does the fog log tell you?