UNSOLVED Need help migrating from my broken FOG install to a new one.

  • Enviornment:

    Version 3594
    Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS
    Hosted on ESXi server

    My main issue is that I don’t want to chance losing the images I have already created.

    I believe I have both database corruption problems and password problems. I also did not allocate enough storage when I created the VM and I lack the linux skills to follow through with the instructions to add additional storage nodes.

    The installation got corrupted when I was uploading an image and the server ran out of space. As part of working to fix it, I upgraded to the current SVN version from a somewhat older SVN version. After this I have been unable to use the system and the inventory database now shows no content. The images are still there however.

    I am willing to switch to red hat for host fog if that is something that would work better.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Ok, I’ll try it! Thanks!

  • @hillcrest It doesn’t matter which comes first.

  • Which should I do first, copy over the images, or create the definitions?

  • @hillcrest If you can leave your old FOG server on and build up a new one with a different Name and IP, From the new one - you could just do a NFS mount to a temporary directory, and then copy the images over.

    However, understand, that’s just the data. You’ll need to recreate the image definitions. You’d do that through the web interface as usual. Image Management -> Create new image.

    When re-creating the definitions, you need to use the EXACT same path, image type, OS, and partitions selection. The fields that don’t matter are compression and name and description. Again, the important fields must match identically, and they are case sensitive.

    For OS, I’d recommend either Fedora 21 server or 22 server, or the latest CentOS.

  • Thanks for your response. If it is just a matter of transferring the files in the /images folder, then that is something I can easily do after I set up the new server (via scp). I thought that the images had to be somehow enumerated in the database somehow. Is there a guide that works for the most current version of FOG?

    Also, a recommendation on what linux version would be great as well.


  • You could easily install samba, configure it, then snatch your images off of the box.

    Then, on the new box, you’d do the same to put them back.

    If you need help, we can use Team Viewer.