Different Advanced Menus based on User Login

  • This might be a tie in with this feature request https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/4408/security-for-fog-users but I’m wondering if a guy can present different ipxe menus in the advanced menu section based on what user is logged in? This user has access to this tool, but should have access to this tool… i.e. an IT deployment tech may need access to an SCCM deployment tool, but a IT Security tech may need access to a recovery tool to which the average IT tech shouldn’t.

  • Figured it out.

    goto ${username} || goto MENU
    item --gap -- ---------------- Welcome fogUser ----------------
    item return        return to previous menu
    item kav        Kaspersky Antivirus
    choose --default return target && goto ${target}
    item --gap -- ---------------- Welcome fogTech ----------------
    item return        return to previous menu
    item Clonezilla        Clonezilla ISO
    item UBCD        Ultimate Boot CD
    item Hirens        Hiren's Boot CD
    item kav        Kaspersky Antivirus
    choose --default return target && goto ${target}
    item --gap -- ---------------- iPXE boot menu ----------------
    item return        return to previous menu
    choose --default return target && goto ${target}

    Then just define the functions below the menu. fogTech and fogUser being different users that the menu accounts for and MENU being the default menu.

    This was made apparent after looking at the advanced.php code presented here https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Advanced_Boot_Menu_Configuration_options

    Access to this menu can be granted without granting that user rights to the website by clicking the “Mobile/Quick Image Access Only?” toggle when creating the user.

  • I’m sure it’s possible. How, I have no idea. Keep an eye on this thread, someone may pop in with an answer.

  • To clarify, this would be in the PXE boot Advanced Menu. I was hoping that there’d be a variable for username and I might be able to include if then statements in the ipxe code for the advanced menu.

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