FTP Connection to storage server has failed

  • Hi,
    I have just built a fog server using ubuntu 10.4 64bit and fog 0.32. Everything seems to be fine, but when I upload an image it completes on the blue screen and percentage bar on the pc, then it goes to a black screen and says resizing disks, and then I get an occurring message of FTP Connection to storage server has failed.
    The storage is locally on the server, and it seems to put the uploaded image into a Dev folder with a number for the image.
    I know there is a workaround for this to copy the file to the images folder and rename it, but does anyone have some clear steps of how to fix this problem so that I do not have to manually copy it?


  • [quote=“Leroy Brown, post: 44398, member: 1560”]FTP connection worked fine, did this get fixed in .32 ever? “[SIZE=13px][FONT=Ubuntu][COLOR=#333333]Failed to delete image file” still happens from the GUI…thanks[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/quote]

    Are you still running 0.32? We don’t back port changes mostly because too much typically changes between releases to make backporting a feasible option.

  • FTP connection worked fine, did this get fixed in .32 ever? “[SIZE=13px][FONT=Ubuntu][COLOR=#333333]Failed to delete image file” still happens from the GUI…thanks[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

  • Thanks. I actually changed it before I got this response to my original user that I set up the ubuntu server with and that worked a treat. I figured it just wanted something with access rights to move the files that had been uploaded. Thanks a lot for the response, I’ll change it just in case it causes a problem down the line.

  • It’s ok to have the Fog user in the defaultmember. The password that you would need would be the same as your tftp password which can be found under Other Settings > FOG Settings > TFTP > FOG_TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD. If you haven’t changed the password for the default FOG user, it will be a long randomly string of letters and numbers.

  • I have this problem having migrated my VM server to real hardware. Everything is working fine apart from this one thing. I didnt create a ‘fog’ user but let the installation do it. So the username in storage management for defaultmember says ‘fog’. What user should there be ideally here and how do I make sure I have the right password? Its early for me and I havent even had coffee this morning… the trials we must endure! 😉

    Thanks guys.

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    You can avoid most of these errors by NOT making a FOG user when installing the OS. Let the FOG installer create the FOG user and you will not have many issues related to authentication. I have fixed many FOG installations because the admin thought that “fog” would make a great username when installing the OS.

  • Same error here. Changed the password from the user fog (linux user fog) to the password from the linux user fog and now the problem is solved.

  • I encountered this problem and discovered that it was the FTP credentials being used for the storage server.

    Go to the Storage Management section. list all storage nodes and select the one the one that is being used (in my case it was the ‘default member’).

    Check the username and password there and make sure there is a corresponding user account on the fog server with the right access priviliges on the images folder shown in fog managment.

    In my case it was set to username ‘fog’ with a very long password. I don’t know how this ended up as ‘fog’ instead of ‘fogstorage’ but it appeared to have been configured with some randomly generated password.

    BTW I knew it was an access problem because the fog server’s ‘auth.log’ file showed the authentication error.

  • Is anyone else running ubuntu 10.4 64bit with fog 0.32? Should I reinstall using Ubuntu 11?
    Is the recommendation to run 32bit since I don’t have a problem with that version, but will I be able to store my windows 7 64bit images on the 32bit version of Ubuntu?
    Any other suggestions on how to fix the FTP error would also be appreciated.


  • I don’t see the FTP error on mine, it just seems to get “stuck”. I do notice in the Active Tasks list that it never moves beyond “Queued” even when it’s running.

  • Hi,
    Has anyone else seen this and is there any solution to the problem? It should be showing messages such as shutting down client, but it doesn’t get that far. The message is very specific, it says FTP Connection to storage server has failed.

  • From the outside looking in, it seems my PC never gets the command to shut down, so anything subsequent to that (i.e., placing the image file in the proper folder under the proper name, etc.) doesn’t seem to happen. Our production server is running 0.30. It runs great and we love it. I’m hoping to get 0.32 on line soon or 0.33 when it gets released.

  • That’s right, it goes to the Dev folder as a temporary filename and the task stays in the task queue.

    What should happen is that fog issues the shutdown command to the PC, and the image is copied back to the image folder with the correct file name.

    I have seen this referenced quite a lot on the forums, but I haven’t seen an answer to this problem. Does anyone know which configuration files I need to check etc.


  • This is of interest to me as I have a similar issue with my Fog 0.32 on Ubuntu 10.4. The image upload appears to go OK, but it never seems to make it to the images folder. Also, when I upload, the task never leaves the queue. Do you see this behavior as well?