Instructions for updating the Kernel

  • I can’t find much on this so I figured I would ask and get clarification: To upgrade the kernal do I just go to FOG Configuration -> Kernel Update and Download the latest Published Kernel, or is there more I will need to do after that.


  • For the time being I am on 3501, once I get through the bunches of systems I have to image I will be keeping up with trunk, just don’t need anything to break right now, so staying put where I got it working.

    I will just update to SVN later on and be good to go with the Kernel.

  • If you’re using FOG Trunk, that’s one way.

    For users using 1.2.0, the kernels offered only go up to 3.something because the newer inits will break stuff in older fog.

    Alternatively, for FOG Trunk users, if you just re-run the installer you have, it’ll download the latest kernel and init FOR YOU. :-)

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