SOLVED schedule delayed or cron task doesn't work

  • Hi,

    I use FOG version 1.2.0 on Debian Server.
    I try to run Wake on Lan function with basic tasks -> Advanced -> Wake-up but :

    -The machines always wake up if i choose “schedule instant deployment”
    -The machines never wake up if i choose “schedule delayed deployment”
    -The machines never wake up if i choose “schedule cron-style deployment”

    In the wiki i see this :

    One thing to note about task scheduling that isn’t intuitive is that it requires an image to be associated with the host, even for non-image based tasks

    The machines have well an image associated with her.

    Have you solution ?

    Or how to debug why this is not working ?


  • Thanks !

    For information :

    In this files we are replace UTC or GMT by our timezone (

    commons/system.php :
    lib/pages/DashboardPage.class.php :

    and Restart FOG services

    It’s works !


  • After changing the time you need to restart the fog services on the server as well.

  • Did you know which web files in FOG ?

    I try to changing the config date.timezone in /etc/php5/cli/php.ini and /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini.
    I verify server have the good date and time (command date). He use ntp.

  • This post is deleted!

  • They are most likely not starting up WHEN you want because your server time is off.

    Make sure your Apache time, Server Time, and FOG Time are set correctly.

    In 1.2.0, to change the timezone in FOG, you will need to edit some web files. (FYI, in FOG Trunk, this is done through the web UI now).

    For apache and server time, follow apache instructions and Debian instructions.