Intel Atom D510 warning(s) message on PXE boot

  • Hi everyone… Just recently found FOG and am VERY impressed! Thank you for such an excellent looking (and functioning) product. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!

    I am posting this here since the message did say “please report” 🙂

    Please see photo here:

    It gets to this point in the boot then pauses 30 seconds to about a minute (I am usually too impatient to time it exactly)

    I am concerned that this may be the cause of the long pause and it would be nice if that could be eliminated.

    Thanks again!

    Bill Arlofski
    Reverse Polarity, LLC

  • Developer

    Ignore these “errors”. They are not errors.

    They are “drivers” trying to load. They are failing to load as you do not have the hardware. This is expected behavior and nothing to worry about.

    I’m going to shoot the noob developer who put those retarded “please report!” messages in his “driver”…

  • Hi Im new to using the forums but found this post.
    I work with intel Atom based tablets and had similar errors. I managed to get rid of the errors by recompiling the kernel used.
    I cant remember the finer details and am still new to Linux but when you recompile the kernel you can select the processor archetecture and use the option for Atom.
    Switch your newly compiled kernel with that used in bzImage and the error messages go.

    Hope it helps

  • The way fog works with the kernels is that it tries to load as many drivers as possible when booting (so it covers and supports the most hardware). If you wanted to speed up the boot time / load time you could use the kernel argument section to remove the non-operational portion of things (Acer HDF / etc.). I’m not an expert at kernel arguments, but I know this has worked for other users in the past.


  • [quote=“ssx4life, post: 2479, member: 268”]To confirm, the machines still do image after the wait correct? do you happen to know what kernel you are running?[/quote]

    Yes, they image perfectly fine. I do not know what kernel version but it is a default 0.32 FOG install

    Bill Arlofski

  • To confirm, the machines still do image after the wait correct? do you happen to know what kernel you are running?