Script to install Samba with settings for FOG

  • Developer

    Oh, I see! You were just trying to share your images directory. I’ve been talking about replacing NFS completely with samba. It would take care of some of the biggest security issues.

  • Great ideas!

    However, I have been doing this just for convenience…

    It’s super easy for me to get on my domain controller, pull images for a quick backup, throw an image in for a quick restore of a deleted / archived image…

    But, I’d like to see where you’re going with this…

    Additionally, I was also going to make the script read the storage node location from /opt/fog/.fogsettings and use that as the share path (instead of just assuming /images)

  • Developer

    Definitely a good direction. We’ll have to worry about the server end and the imager clients.

    There could be an option for installing local storage or using remote storage. Even though I’ve talked about running file system transactions through the server, samba would take care of the permission issues that would be needed for.

    If we run authentication for FOG through Kerberos, uploads could prompt for a password to mount the share before imaging. Then we don’t need to use 777 permissions anymore. Downloads could be done through an account that only has read-only permissions on most directories (we could limit who sees what images).

    Good start!