• When launching a PXE boot and clicking on full host image and registration i get the following error
    Starting init: /sbin/init exists but couldn’t excute it (error -8)
    starting init /bin/sh exists but couldn’t excute it (error -8)
    There is things into between them but i could think there related to those messages.
    i will able to get into the server.
    I noticed this started to happen after i tried or installed a new kernel. we are running version 0.32. Any help will be helpfully as i am a linux noob. (fedora 13)

  • @Tom-Elliott
    Solved my issue with the TFTP. it was because the FOG user password got changed and wasn’t updated in the web interface.

  • @vbelous One thing to add i did recently have to change the root password. I don’t know if this will effect anything

  • @Tom-Elliott
    Okay got that error solved. But now it fails to connect to tftp for the image.

  • @Tom-Elliott
    What i did was i manually downloaded the kernel on site and renamed it to bzImage and placed it in the tftp/fog/kernel/ directory. After pasting that file i restarted the server.

  • @vbelous FOG 0.32 kernels are not dependent on the server operating system. That said, 0.32 is ALWAYS 32 bit.

    You will likely have to download the kernel manually as I believe there were issues in 0.32 with kernel updater.

    The command should be:

    sudo mv /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage_orig
    sudo wget -O /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage "http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/freeghost/KernelList/bzImage32"

  • @Tom-Elliott
    Thanks for pointing that out.
    I noticed that our Fedora is a 32bit OS and may have installed the 64bit kernel. However when i go to install the 32bit kernel i get the following error Capture.PNG .
    Can i force the update in a terminal session ?
    I plan on upgrading to the newest version of FOG. but need to image a few PC’s first, After that i will start working on a new FOG server.

  • @vbelous said:

    Can i reuse my images new version ?
    I didn’t setup our fog server, so this is all new to me.

    You should try what Tom suggested if you’re not ready to upgrade.

    However, FOG 0.32 and F13 are both very old, and I’d really urge you to build a new server.

    Yes, you can copy your old images to the new server and configure the new server to use them. We can help you with that, and there is a lot of forum threads and WiKi articles on this already.

  • Most common problem with the init is it’s using an architecture the kernel is not operating on.

    For example:

    A 64 bit kernel will not work with a 32 bit init (which is what 0.32 is using).

    When trying a new kernel, make sure you get the 32 bit version.

  • @Wayne-Workman
    Can i reuse my images new version ?
    I didn’t setup our fog server, so this is all new to me.

  • In my very honest opinion,

    Set aside your old FOG server for safe keeping.

    Build a new one, use Fedora 21 Server and the latest Trunk version of FOG.

    If you need any help along the way, we are here to assist.

    I run Fedora 21 Server with FOG Trunk at work and at home, so I’m fairly familiar with it.

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