UNSOLVED Media Test failure check cable. Supermicro mobo

  • I was able to successfully PXE boot a Dell Precision computer into fog. I received the fog splash screen and all seems to be working ok. I try to PXE boot our render nodes and get an error. -E61 Media test failure, check cable. Exiting intel Boot Agent then the machine reboots into the OS.
    The machines are Supermicro X8DTT mother boards with BIOS: American Megatrends Inc.
    Should I try updating to one of the published kernels or am I missing something?

    Fog 1.2.0
    Ubuntu 12.0.4

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  • It could very well be a compatibility thing.

    Perhaps the motherboards are newer and have UEFI turned on? Or Secure Boot?

    Make sure DHCP is running on your FOG server still. Make sure TFTP is running.

    And, grab that Dell that worked before and verify your FOG box still works.

  • I have the FOG server as the dhcp server. So in my current setup it’s ubuntu server 4 port ethernet switch and supermicro. No internet connection etc. When I hooked up the Dell it booted without any issues which is why I though there was some compatibility issues with the motherboard.

  • What’s handing out DHCP options 066 and 067 ?

    Are you setting those in Windows DHCP, or are you using dnsmasq ?

    I think that - assuming the boards are good, cables are good, switches are good, connectivity is good, and BIOS options are good,

    You should begin with troubleshooting 066 and 067.

  • This post is deleted!

  • A custom built 1U supermicro chassis that has 2 computers in it. PXE is enabled. Is the Intel Boot Agent the same thing?

  • What is a “render node” ?

    Is PXE booting enabled in the BIOS?

  • I replaced both cables and isolated Fog server and client on new switch and still get the same issue. I even tried another computer. Still no love.

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  • The fact is’t telling you Media Test failure means, typically, the cable is not connected to the network, or the cable is bad. Maybe the switch is not running? Maybe the cable is bad?