UNSOLVED PXE boot in previous environemnt

  • We currently are a linux shop. We have diskless boxes that are already utilizing PXE to boot to a central linux server. We have switched over to a Windows environment. If i set up FOG to PXE how will that affect our current PXE environment. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.



  • Firstly, please check back to this thread because a developer might provide a solution.

    So, normally, when a client “exits” from the FOG PXE environment (when it sees that there are no tasks waiting for it), it can hand off control to the local system in three different styles, all of which assume booting from the local HDD.

    See picture:


    Somehow, one of those (or add a new one?) will need to be modified to detect if said system needs to boot to the HDD or to the network. Because currently all of those point to the local HDD.

    Chainloading to the appropriate boot-file will be involved for the systems that need to boot to network.

    The Advanced Configuration Options will likely need to be used to accomplish this:


    I’m not sure how that’d be accomplished.

  • All the diskless boxes boot to a central linux server, using PXE. How would this affect FOG?

  • So all of your diskless clients PXE boot to windows, or are only some of them ? Or do you still have diskless clients that are PXE booting Linux?

    Just a little more info, please.