UNSOLVED Issues imaging systems

  • I am on Ubuntu 14.04 and FOG version 3463 and It appears I can upload new images to FOG, but I cannot Download images to systems. I have checked the permissions on /images and nothing has changed recently, but now when I try Downloading an image to the machine I get the below errors:


    These images were made when on version 1.2.0. I do have one image, which was made on 1.2.0 as well, but from a RAIDed system. I am able to upload that image, but since it is missing Drivers for non-RAID boot devices Windows Doesn’t load. The only difference I see between this image and the others, beside the size, is that in /images this image is compressed and the others are not.

    It is possible that I restored these images from a backup last week when I redid the FOG machine. In case that is the issue, other than copying the images back into the folder and verifying permissions should I have done anything else?

  • Per a chat with Tom, here is a picture of the output of fdisk -l from my Test system in Debug Mode, with one of the non-functioning Images tied to it.


  • Tom has changed up a lot of things in the pre-process before partclone goes to work.

    Most of the errors are usually non-impacting.

    Now, it just shows them so you know what’s going on.

  • So I created a new image in FOG and am uploading my Generic Windows 7 VM to that new Image. This is the same image I have uploaded in the past without issue. Not sure yet if the new image will work or not but the upload screen had some errors that I haven’t seen in the past and they appear to relate to the errors I am seeing during download.


  • I didnt realise it was that many, My mistake!! 😁

  • 5 out of 6 images corrupt? Doesn’t seem right to me.

    I tried reformatting the drive in my test machine and the issue still persists. I have backups of my images I am going to try and restore them and see if that changes anything.

  • sounds like the file is corrupt, or it is not being decompressed properly

  • This is sda1:


    The machine I am using has had all of the images on it at one point, it is my test machine. I was going through the forums and these error messages are the same that people going from .32 to 1.x.x get, but obviously that is not the issue here.

    Does FOG do any formatting of the Drive it is imaging too? It just occured to me that the only image that is working is the last one uploaded to the test machine before these failures happened. Maybe I should get in there and completely format the drive.

  • I doubt it’s directly permissions. It seems, to me, that this is not loading the file properly. Does /dev/sda1 actually go through the imaging process?

    The other thing to double check is if the mbr file is created for a disk that’s larger than the disk that’s in there, the /dev/sda2 doesn’t actually exist.