Windows 8.1 On Fog 0.32

  • I’ve read a lot of post that people have had success with deploying a Windows 8 image using Fog 0.32 and just treating it like Windows 7. I have tried this many times and I’m still coming up with bricks. I select the image to upload as a Windows 7 OS, since there is no option for Windows 8, and select Multiple partition Image - Single Disk (Not Resizable). However every time I go to upload it starts and then just freezes. And it eventually kicks out of the PXE boot. We have been imaging Windows 7 computers for years with this Fog 0.32 server and really would like to start rolling out Windows 8. Would it be better to rebuild a Fog 1.2 server? Would that help the situation? I’m just really stuck on the best practices on Fogging a Windows 8 machine.

  • Thanks Wayne. I’ll start to build a FOG 1.2 and see how things turn out. Thank you for your advise.

  • I’d recommend FOG 1.2.0 (or Trunk, for that matter).

    Don’t tear down your old FOG server, just turn it off and set it aside, and build a new one.

    I couldn’t help you with .32, I’ve never used it. In my eyes, 1.2.0 is even becoming dated, Trunk version has a plethora of fixes and it’s what I use at work.

    Ultimately, of course, it’s up to you to choose either 1.2.0 or Trunk. See my signature on details about trunk.






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