FOG 3396 High CPU utilization when auto update is running on the Active Tasks page.

  • Debian 7.8 on a VM with one Xeon 2.66 processor and 1GB of memory assigned. (Is that to little of resources?)
    FOG 3396 release.
    I was running .32 and didn’t run into resource issues, but bigger and better functionality often requires more resources.

    I typically image a lab of 30 machines at a time. If I’m watching their progress on Active Tasks the master’s CPU utilization goes to about 80%. As soon as I pause it, it drops to about 8%. I don’t send images from the master, only my two storage nodes, I let the master handle all the management stuff.

    How can I help troubleshoot this or is this expected?

  • I run FOG in a VM with 4 cores assigned, and 4 gigs of ram assigned.

    I never see the CPU utilization go above 12% ish.

    I’ll add that I had accidentally assigned 1 core recently on a new build (just forgot to set that) and ended up installing 32 bit Fedora 21 server. Just the web functionality was so slow, it was unacceptable. I ended up rebuilding after assigning the normal 4 cores, and all is well.

    That’s just my experience.