SVN 3377 - Quick reg/quick image doesn't auto-image

  • CentOS 6.6 FOG 1.3.0-R3377

    I’ve changed the quick image menu to not stop for a login and that part works (found the forum thread about hard setting the username/password variables which worked), and setting the image I want as default works for the selection, but the netbooks are not being added to the FOG_QUICKREG_GROUP_ASSOC assigned group nor being renamed (not a big deal just seems like a bug, also the log viewer doesn’t work at all).

    The problem I have is it picks the right option (default option I set) after the time out I set, but then it goes to the image selection screen and just sits there. There is only 1 image choice but it stays on the screen with that image name and the Return to the menu option and doesn’t proceed to image without intervention.

    I’m trying to make this as hands-off as possible for the person I’m setting this up for. Is there a way to have it pick the only image? The FOG_QUICKREG_AUTOPOP setting is enabled and the tooltip says “FOG will auto populate the host settings and automatically image the computer without user intervention” but it stops. The hosts are also not showing up as being registered (doesn’t really matter to me just thought I’d share in case it’s related).

    I can have the guy just press enter but auto-selection would be nice. Thanks guys.

  • Oh, if it says that, then don’t bother. Do what the WiKi says, add a Quick Image option to the iPXE Menu.

  • [quote=“Wayne Workman, post: 47409, member: 28155”]You might look into the Capone plugin.

    It allows imaging without registering.[/quote]

    Well, the wiki page for the plug-in says:

    [*][B]Obsolete[/B] As of FOG v1.3.0-r2651 the fog user can now add Quick Image to the Fog iPXE Menu(For All Hosts) and then select the exact image desired without having to do any registration. BUT intervention is still required to start imaging.
    So, I wasn’t sure if it would work or not, but I’ll check it out. Thanks.

  • You might look into the Capone plugin.

    It allows imaging without registering.