Fog 1.2.0 Kernal issues with 32 bit images

  • Good day

    I have been dancing around the same issue for a little while with 32 bit images not loading at all, I have upgraded the kernel to 3.19.3 32 64 bit and from the ipxe menu it will pass the bzimage32 but the init.xz is always the default one it doesn’t change to the init32.xz file, then we get the same modprobe error which will then just stay stuck on the same screen. I have snap shooted and moved up to the latest SVN which then boots great for 32/64Bit systems but then I cant push/upload any images or I cant move my pxe menu items from my backed up fog.prev folder as FTP keeps telling me perms are a problem, I try and set recursively perms 777 but it just fails so ultimately I just revert back to the previous snapshot and same 32 bit issues.

    It is probably something stupid on my end but quite frustrating because these systems worked on 0.32 absolutely fine.

  • Ok so all working now, I used the latest kernel download and named the kernel via FTP bzimage and then copied that file and renamed bzimage to bzimage32, so the same kernel for both 64 32 bit which seems to work fine now. So that seems to be the issue sorted out so thanks to everyone who added a reply on this.


  • Can you try kernel 3.18.3 or 3.18.5 ?

    Try the x86_x64 one. you’ll see it in Fog Configuration -> kernel update.

    Beyond that, I’d recommend upgrading to trunk.

  • Hi wayne

    yes I can confirm all the files are named correctly and in the correct area.

    Anyone else have any idea’s on this one?

  • You can always just go to where the files are on the FOG server and verify they are there/named right…

  • yep I haven’t changed anything in there, it seems that on the 32 bit stations its not passing the init32 file i only ever see the straight init.xz file.

  • Your kernel_32 and image_32 file names are the same as mine.

  • [ATTACH=full]1985[/ATTACH]
    this is my tftp area


  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 47053, member: 7271”]So what’s in the FOG Configuration->FOG Settings->TFTP Server->kernel/kernel32 and init/init32 spots?[/quote]

    What should be there?

  • So what’s in the FOG Configuration->FOG Settings->TFTP Server->kernel/kernel32 and init/init32 spots?

  • I have included a screen grab, the laptop I have taken this pic from is a Dell Vostro A860 [ATTACH=full]1984[/ATTACH]


  • What’s it doing when it can’t download or upload? Can you give us a screen shot of the errors and/or stalls you’re seeing?