Local image upload feature and on/off ability

  • Hi all,
    Hope I am not repeating a previous request but I haven’t noticed one like this.

    We have 3 library branches. Some images are the same and the replication feature works well. Image uploaded at main branch and replicated over a period of time via VPN tunnel to branches.
    I have a few PC’s with different images at these 3 branches. Some from the master node don’t get used at the storage nodes, some at storage nodes don’t get used at the master node.
    It would be nice to have the following 2 features:

    1. the ability at a remote site to upload an image locally (so it uploads in minutes) to a storage node which then replicates over the WAN to the master node via the VPN tunnel over time.
    2. the ability to turn on or off replication for a particular image so that it does not tie down the WAN unneccessarily if it does not need to go to the remote site.
      Thanks. Interested to hear your feedback. Regards, Mark

  • No idea if this is currently possible or not, I’ve not gotten the opportunity to mess with the location plugin yet…

    But this is a good idea.