• First and foremost I’m using VirtualBox for all machines mentioned in this thread. The issue I’m having is that [B]only[/B] iPXE machines outside the Fog Server network are timing out. Based on the output, I successfully connect to the server, parse the boot.php file and when trying to transfer the bg.png poof connection timed out

    I’ve included a simplistic graphic of my setup. If anyone could provide insight it would be greatly appreciated.


  • Compiling your own rom allows you to embed scripting for things like chainloading.
    Additionally the ipxe.iso provided by ipxe.org does not support the [B]colour [/B]command which will cause the boot.php to fail

  • Why do you need to compile you’re own rom ?

  • Removing bg.png allowed the menu appear but upon selecting Quick Registration the bzImage32 hung around 78%. Really feels like my compile options on rom-o-matic.eu are simply off. Anyone else use this website?

  • Yes I’m able to view the graphic from within the [B]Green [/B]zone as well. Spun up a VM inside the firewall and was able to view the graphic as well. I’m beginning to wonder if my compile options are not set correctly on the rom-o-matic.eu site. I thought for sure I check PNG support. In the meantime I’ll comment out the bg.png line in BootMenu.class.php to see if I get further.


  • not from smoothwall, but from the

  • Absolutely I can. Spun up a SliTaz VM hit the URL to see the PNG and viola…
    The timeout issue is specific to an iPXE host [B]outside [/B]the FOG Network as my previous post showed an internal client connected fine and displayed the background.



  • Can you actually access and see the image if you go to the url it’s timing out on?

  • No, but it’s farther along that my initial attempt. At first it was hanging on the boot file, which has since been resolved.
    The fact that it makes it through the firewall, parses the boot.php file fine and times out on loading bg.png led me to believe that the iPXE iso I generated from rom-o-matic.eu did not support png. I went through again and verified and it’s still getting stuck on passing the bg.png file. Perhaps the timeout setting is too low. If so I don’t know where to change it. I know it’s not the FOG_PXE_MENU_TIMEOUT setting as I’ve changed that with no effect. Any ideas?

  • Has it ever worked?