Kernel Versions error in fog configuration menu

  • Hello,

    i’m connecting to my fog web interface and see ine the configuration menu

    [SIZE=6][B]FOG Configuration[/B][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=5][B]FOG Version Information[/B][/SIZE]

    Version: 3347
    [B] Your verson of FOG is up to date.[/B]
    [SIZE=6][B]Kernel Versions[/B][/SIZE]



    [SIZE=5][B]The requested URL could not be retrieved[/B][/SIZE]

    While trying to process the request:
    [url][/url] HTTP/1.1
    Accept: /
    Accept-Encoding: deflate, gzip
    Proxy-Connection: Keep-Alive
    The following error was encountered:
    [][B]Invalid Request[/B]
    Some aspect of the HTTP Request is invalid. Possible problems:
    ]Missing or unknown request method
    []Missing URL
    ]Missing HTTP Identifier (HTTP/1.0)
    []Request is too large
    ]Content-Length missing for POST or PUT requests
    [*]Illegal character in hostname; underscores are not allowed
    Your cache administrator is [EMAIL=‘root?subject=CacheErrorInfo%20-%20ERR_INVALID_REQ&body=CacheHost%3A%20localhost%0D%0AErrPage%3A%20ERR_INVALID_REQ%0D%0AErr%3A%20%5Bnone%5D%0D%0ATimeStamp%3A%20Mon,%2004%20May%202015%2009%3A38%3A54%20GMT%0D%0A%0D%0AClientIP%3A%20192.168.219.13%0D%0A%0D%0AHTTP%20Request%3A%0D%0A%0D%0A%0D%0A’]root[/EMAIL].

    I don’t understand why i’ve thsi problem.
    [LEFT]I’m not sure what happened this weekend.

    Can you help me?

  • Thx for your answer…

  • For future reference,

    The feature in FOG that tells you your kernel versions does not impact anything else. It merely just reports what you’re currently using.

    If you have this error, it should not impact operations at all (unless your kernel went AFK or something).

  • i resolve this bug in removing the proxy into the fog configuration