Export/Import hosts with all of their MAC's

  • I did some searching and I couldn’t find this covered anywhere…my apologies if I missed it.

    Simply put, I would love to be able to export hosts with ALL of their additional MAC’s included in the export.
    Additionally, the ability to then import them with all of their MAC’s.

    Is this possible? I’m curious to know.

    Thanks for all you guys do!

  • That is exactly what I was looking for, Tom. Thank you so much!!!

  • You’re the man, Tom! Thank you for the prompt response.

    Taking a snapshot of my server before updating to 3319, I’ll report back…

  • SVN 3319 should have this for you.

  • Lol, that’s still not what I’m getting at…

    What I’m requesting is only in regard to the “Export” button located under:

    Host Management - Export Hosts

  • Then enable remote access in your MySQL database, install HeidiSQL on a Windows machine, connect to the FOG db, and just copy/paste or use the export features in HeidiSQL.

  • I know what the database backup does. That’s not what I’m asking about…

    I simply want the ability to export all of my hosts while retaining all of their additional MAC’s in the exported csv.

  • Look in “Fog Configuration”, it’s towards the top right in the Web GUI.

    In there, there’s a thing called “Configuration Save”.

    that’ll export EVERYTHING in your database. Settings, hosts, images (the db listing, not the actual image), and other stuff, too.

    that feature will also let you import, too.

    But beware, It’s ill-advised to import a DB that comes from a different revision.

    So, if you export from 1.2.0, if you want to import that, the import needs to go into a 1.2.0 FOG install [U][B]only[/B][/U]. Preferably running on the same OS distro/version.