FOG Schema Update keeps appearing on web interfacene of my fog servers keeps getting the Xhema Updat

  • One of my fog servers keeps getting the Schema Update prompt on the fog web interface. When i reboot it the web interface works fine for about 4 minutes then it shows up again, if i click “Install/Upgrade” it fails to do so. how do i fix this??? here is the error i get when i click “Install/Upgrade” i will try re-running the installer to see if that works, but i doubt it.


  • Awesome.

  • i reinstalled MySql that seems to have fixed it

  • I reinstalled MySQL ill let you know if its f$#ked again

  • Firstly, while it works during that 4 minutes, if you have data in your database (like hosts and images and such), you might want to export that using the “Configuration Save” feature under “Fog Settings”.

    Try re installing MySQL, and updating the entire OS. Those two things won’t hurt anything and we will go from there.

    Those commands it’s trying to execute, those are pretty major, it’s trying to create all the tables that FOG supposed to have in the DB. I suspect MySQL has something wrong with it.