• Hi Guys

    I am new to this forum i have a question (obviously)

    I have installed windows XP with all updates etc. I have installed the Fog client on the PC and then run the sys prep and resealed upon restart od the resealed machine the image is sucked up by fog (this has been done with a sceduled task in fog.

    know when i deploy the image top other computer (testing) the sysprep regenerates a new ssid for the computer and a computer name when it first starts up (after image is deployed as image was taken after the reseal was done). but for some reason the computer does not get the name i have assigned in fog.

    Help please i have a fleet of 100 computers i need to have deployed by mid next week 😞



    If there are any details i have missed out please tell me and i will add them

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    if the host records already exist, you may have to go back to each record and select the “Active Directory” menu option, and choose to join the computer to the domain after the image task. I had this issue because I had host records created before I had the Active Directory credentials working properly.

    Make sure the account you are using is specifying the FOG_AD_DEFAULT_DOMAINNAME as a FQDN (something.something.etc), your FOG_AD_DEFAULT_USER is specified as (DOMAIN\User), and your FOG_AD_DEFAULT_PASSWORD has been FOGCrypted properly. I have not had success is specifying the FOG_AD_DEFAULT_OU just yet, but I plan to work through that next. For now, they are joined to the default Computers location, and I move them to the correct OU as part of the deployment.

    You need Account Administrators group membership in AD, OR be a domain admin, OR be delegated computer account management rights on the default Computers location and any other locations you plan to put machine accounts.

  • Are you running Server 2003 / 2008 / 2008 R2 ? Also is the account you entered with fog crypt an AD admin account with domain add privileges?

    Check your fog.log file found in your program files folder. If you can, please post it here so we can assist you with this ^_^


  • Hi Kevin

    Thanks for prompt response. Ok I worked out the issue i had add computer to domain enabled and silly me i put my password in as authentication and i did not use fog crypt to create password. first mistake so i was getting the following error
    “Fog Host name change user, Could not find any recognised digits”

    Ok know computers are getting names assigned thankgod but are not joining to the domain. No errors and fog crypt has been used to create password.

    Any ideas on this???

  • What you will need to do is have your sys prepped image automatically generate a name. Then with the FOG client installed within the image, and the hostname changer turned on within the client, the PC will rename itself. So basically, the computer will image and go into Windows XP after being deployed, it should then restart itself to rename and/or join the domain depending on how you have it setup on the webserver.