SVN 3196 new hosts MAC address issue

  • I’m currently on 3196 and every time I add a new host the MAC address does not get added to the database. The hostname does but no MAC addresses is added.

  • 3199 should fix this issue.

    It should (hopefully) fix the weirdness that was ubuntu/debian and get new client stuff.

  • This post is deleted!

  • It’s a Dell E5440. The network and chipset are Intel. For exact chipset model I’ll have to dig a little bit as I don’t have that info in front of me at the moment.

  • Awesome, that info will help the developers look for a fix.

    But still, can you tell us what the model of the laptop is? What’s the wired network chip set & model?

  • I’ve already confirmed the issue but it will take me a little bit to fix it.

  • We are only inputting the wired MAC manually. This is a laptop so it does have wireless and bluetooth as well but we are only entering the wired MAC manually. There was no issue on 3191. I updated straight through to 3196 so I’m unsure if this issue first showed up in this revision or if it occurred on any revision between 3196 and 3191. I need to test that.

  • [quote=“jamesb, post: 44938, member: 27742”]SVN 3198 still has this issue of the MAC not being added to the database.[/quote]

    How many Network interfaces does the computer have? Is it WiFi / Bluetooth / Wired ? Two wired NICs ?

    What’s the model of device you’re working with?

  • SVN 3198 still has this issue of the MAC not being added to the database.