• Hi everybody,

    I have some question about SVN. I see on the website that some SVN are released but I don’t really know the mechanism.

    Are the SVN bring new features ?
    Are the SVN stable ?
    How can I check the SVN running on my server ?

    thanks 🙂

  • SVN is a software package that allows you to ‘check out’ software (basically downloading a specific revision, or the latest of some software).

    SVN in and of itself is not FOG, but a lot of FOG users use it.

    FOG developmental versions are called “revisions” (at least in MY head).

    Revisions are usually stable for the PRIMARY functions of FOG, being: IMAGE -> NAME -> JOIN TO DOMAIN using UNICAST and MULTICAST

    Other features in FOG revisions (not directly related to the imaging process) are sometimes broken, Tom is pretty good about getting to them when someone asks about them. These other features usually do not impact imaging.

    Additionally, if you encountered an issue, let us know about it here and someone is likely to fix it quickly, making a new “Revision” that you can download and install very quickly. Also, updating FOG from one revision to a newer one usually takes all of 34.8 seconds to accomplish (in other words, no answering questions, no additional configurations because it uses the settings you’ve already set).

    However, with the current revisions, you’ll benefit from a plethora of bug fixes, a much wider range of supported host hardware, and new features!

    On your FOG’s web GUI login page, you can check what version you’re running: