Vlan fog and child domain

  • Hello,
    I work in a high school

    I have a field “lyc-paul-xx.local” and a child domain “lyc-tertiary-paul-xx.local”
    All users can log onto any workstation

    My network consists of vlan.

    There are:

    the vlan “server” that contains 172.17.212.x 2k3 servers
    the vlan “resources” 172.17.5.x in which I installed 0.32 FOG (
    The vlan “teachers” 172.17.208.x and “students” 172.17.64.x containing workstations

    The vlan “tertiary” that contains a child domain server + workstations.

    I can save and restore workstations vlan “teachers” and “students”.
    For cons, I can not with computers in the vlan “tertiary”.

    I start a computer (located in the tertiary vlan) in pxe - debug mode.

    I notice:
    IP-Config: Gateway not be Directly connected network.

    When I ping the fog: Network is unreachable
    If I type this command on the client: / sbin / route add-net gw eth0

    After I manage to ping the fog
    How to integrate this bridge?

  • ok this might not be my territory but how about getting that kind of Config on your Router/Switch to make it see that Vlan ?