Image Upload Not Working

  • Hello everyone, first time user/poster.

    I have set up a FOG server (on an Ubuntu 11.04 box) in a call center environment. My hosts can connect to the server through PXE boot but I have not been able to perform a successful image upload. I have scheduled the upload on the server and rebooted the host, it will go into an upload script but will not result in a successful upload.

    The upload results in a blue screen that states “restoring mbr…done”, “waiting for disk to settle…done”, and “re-sizing ntfs…done”. After these three messages, the computer reboots without an upload. I am attempting a single-partition ntfs upload. Windows XP with FOG 0.32.

    Things I have tried to resolve the issue:
    -Running the FOG client service on the host PC
    -Re-sizing the partition to the minimum size (leaving the rest of the disk unallocated)
    -Uploading using the multiple-partition image option. This results in an upload status bar that reads 0% before the computer reboots.
    -Running chkdsk on the host

    I suspect that the issue may have something to do with the MBR but I do not know what exactly. I have a beginner to intermediate knowledge/experience of Linux so any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  • As an update, we have decided to install FOG on our dedicated Ubuntu server and we just got in a a clean copy of Windows XP (an install disk not from HP, Dell, etc.). So the plan is to get FOG up on the new machine and the build a fresh image from scratch. This should hopefully resolve any odd ball issues that were preventing an upload.

  • have you installed the OS from a CD ?

  • Thank you for your reply,

    When I try to use the single-partition option, it will show no status bar and almost immediately reboot with a “task complete” notification. When I attempt the upload as a multiple-partition image, it will briefly show a status bar (0%), then it will reboot with a “task complete” notification.

  • I had this issue before, is it uploading if you use the Multiple-Partition Boot ? If im not mistaken it must work and you are corrrect it wont show the Status bar im not sure why, but if you using Single partition the status bar does work

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