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  • I created a source image via VirtualBox. deployed. The problem is, When I set up the profile for the destination pc, my programs are gone.

    source image PC = install programs and games like dota2 steam and garena

    on destination PC = games are gone and the ADMIN account profile I use on the source before I deploy it were gone.

    Why? How could I retain the profile account when I deploy the image?

    Thanks for your help

  • Testers

    If you need the profile data then you you will need an unattended file because the default is to not copy the data.

  • i dont use unattended sir

    I just sysprep, then on target pc I setup a username account…

    do i really need to have unattended setup?

    it all works as just I need without unattended setup… the only problem is the profile

  • Senior Developer

    This is in your unattend. If the “profile” data is stored under the administrator’s account, you’ll likely need to have the unattend file allow for copy profile.

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