Problems with cloning Asus eee 1000H machines

  • Hello.

    First I’m going to copy over the history from the old forums, so you can see/read what’s already been done:

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    2011-11-05 01:05:00 PDT

    Cloning with FOG is new for me.
    I´ve got a good general computer-experience (DOS, Windows, dBase, Ghost, etc.).
    So it was easy to understand, how to install and work with FOG.

    I´m teacher at a german school and have to update 75 equal computers.
    The clients: eeepc-netbooks (1000H) with Windows XP sp3.
    Partitions: C-drive NTFS (80GB, system), d-drive NTFS (70 GB, nearly empty) and an EFI partition (40MB).
    After uploading a master-image I can find the 4 single image-files in a correct size on the server.

    The problem:
    When I deploy an image, everything seems to work well, but after 45 seconds the total imaging-process is complete: After “restoring the mbr = ok”, there are 4 short imaging-runs which finish with “ok” after 5% complete.
    I can´t read the scrolling text after this, it disappears to fast.
    (Is there a report anywhere?)
    When I do this on a client with an empty hd, the machine won´t start afterwards: “Error reading disk”
    When I upload an image from one of my clients and now make some modifications on its C- and D-drive, the result after deploying on the same machine is: The C-drive is not written over, the D-drive is the old one again (written over from the image).

    Fog-server: Windows XP sp3 with vmplayer and Ubuntu 8.04 / FOG 0.32
    [The problem was the same with a real Ubuntu 11.04 and FOG 0.32]


    2011-12-20 05:31:52 PST


    I’m experiencing the very same problem that is described above with the exact same netbook model (Asus 1000H)
    I’ve successfully fogged these machines before but that was when I formated the disk and put in Win XP pro on them.

    Now after 3 years in service we’re selling the machines so I fiddle out the recovery dvd and ghosts them back to Windows XP Home edition… The Ghost makes the 3 partition mentioned by balticsea in his post.
    Uploading the image goes fine, but when I try to deploy it stops at around 70-90MB fogged data (2ish %) and then goes on to say “restore mbr”… The message do go away quite fast, but I did see it reporting this: “The image contains and unclean file 0 1”… Googeling that made me no wiser sadly.

    I then tried (using Gparted) to resize the partitions and make one partition and then use the “Single partition - NTFS Only Resizable” option but I had the same issue there as well.

    Since I don’t have access to a windows xp home edition dvd I can’t format the machine either and build the image from scratch, I have to use the recovery dvd and that will make the 3 partitions regardless.

    Any ideas?

    Ps: Tried two different fog servers as well (Both 0.32 release of fog tho)


    2011-12-20 06:07:56 PST

    Hi HellslayeR. Try posting this on the new FOG fourms:

    An “unclean disk” usually means it wasn’t shut down cleanly and the NTFS journal is out-of-sync. If you have a bootable machine, run a disk cleanup, a defrag, chkdsk /x, then cleanly shut down the PC and try imaging it again.

    Don’t follow up here - go to the new FOG forums:

    So I now tried to do as you suggested itsmike and I did a cleanup, defrag and chkdsk /x and uploaded then deployed a new image, but sadly the error is still there.

    I’m kinda blank at this point, but are there any log files anywhere that I could look at? Or do you have any other ideas as to what might be wrong?

    Thanks for the replies so far 🙂

  • We had that same problem when we upgraded to fog 0.32. The latest bzImage kernels nic drivers don’t work for 1000HA. You will need to install an earlier version of the kernel. Please see the following page that also had the same problems as you (the fix is at the bottom of that page).


  • Developer

    I need more information before i can help further.

    Follow this guide to see what the messages are after it deploys.


    If it deploys for a little bit, then reports it was Done, this almost always points to an image file issue.

    How big is the on disk data? Normally image files are roughly 1/2 of the size, so your on disk data is around 7.4gb? Is that correct?

    If you cannot think of anything else, create a basic ‘windows only’ image, prep that, upload then deploy… does it work?

    Being a teacher, you should be able to troubleshoot and walk through the problems. If there are problems, always go back to the simplest thing first and work forward until it fails.

  • The size of the image I’m trying to deploy is 3.7Gb so it’s the right size.

  • Developer

    Look in /images/IMAGENAME

    How big are the files?