• I’ve had a couple of odd situations of late that seem to be be MBR-related. The first turned out to be missing mbr files from the fog server (why they disappeared I have no idea), but the second is slightly odder and leads me to the question:

    Why does Fog write its own OS-specific MBR rather than use the one that is on the target that I’m uploading from?

    I ask as since I used bcdedit to make changes to the default boot behavior to suppress the recover option my images have started failing to load with either file system errors or allegedly corrupt system files.

    Second question: If I need to make changes to the MBR of my system, do I need to make changes to the one stored on the Fog server?

    I’m using Fog 0.32.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  • Moderator

    Since I am still kind of new to FOG I am not absolutely sure about FOG 0.32 but I suppose there is not too much of a difference when it comes to MBR…

    1. FOG (1.2.0 an newer) does save the MBR from the uploading client at least with image type mps (single disk multiple partition) and mpa (all disks multiple partitions)!
    2. bcd(edit) has nothing to do with MBR! Those informations are saved in the first (100MB) partition of your disk, not in the MBR.

    As FOG 0.32 is not under development I’d suggest you try setting up a test server with FOG 1.2.0 or even better current SVN version. If your issues still persist we are happy to jump in and fix things for you!