Host name not change after put image win 7 using fog 1.2.0

  • hello i need help!

    I’m using version 1.2.0, I have the ex machine: hp35076 can put the OS image win7.

    Everything works fine, however the hostclient name is not updated to hp35076 but the host from which made the image HP34997

    have more than 100 machines can upload images for all of them. but what happens to me in the upload is that the machine name is not updated as I have in my inventory FOG.

    I have the hostname option changer enable active.

    I do not understand why the fog system has not updated the name of the machine with the inventory record.

    Any idea?

    \ GF

  • Moderator

    There are settings on the client (when you install the FOG client service) AND on the FOG server (service settings for this particular host)! Are you sure you set both? Maybe reinstall the client just to make sure!

    The other thing that comes to my mind: Do you have SSD hard drives?? If yes you need to change the startup type of the FOG service on the client to “Automatic (delayed)”. See here: [url][/url]

  • There’s two methods for the hostname changer.

    First, if the image is NOT sysprepped-generalized, it should change it through the hostname-early method. If it’s sysprepped, it’ll be assigned whatever is in the unattend file. If the image is sysprepped, you need to have the FOG Client installed in the image and set to start up on boot. Once it checks in on with the FOG server it should change the hostname for you to that of which it’s found.