• [LEFT]Hello,isitpossibleaddedthesupportforbtrfs,astherearepartclone.btrfs?
    Thank you[/LEFT]

  • I the replaced by XFS for attempted to solve the problem of partition which disappears.

  • So we’re not seeing either partition as btrfs at all.

  • Yes i am sure, and sda6 and sda7 becomes an unpartitioned space.
    Although I see partclone the restored

    [CODE]/dev/sda1: LABEL=“RM-CM-)servM-CM-) au systM-CM-(me” UUID=“2656D26756D23771” TYPE=“ntfs”
    /dev/sda2: UUID=“44E4E064E4E059A6” TYPE=“ntfs”
    /dev/sda3: LABEL=“BOOT” UUID=“6b709349-e9b0-4aec-a8a4-c9f8d17edefc” TYPE=“xfs”
    /dev/sda5: UUID=“b514738d-9caf-410a-ab9a-f08f164b9a77” TYPE=“swap”
    /dev/sda6: UUID=“fd2818f6-6031-4e21-8e6a-d415519e6c04” TYPE=“xfs”
    /dev/sda7: LABEL=“partition-cache” UUID=“f596470f-b3d1-44d3-b77d-5c19f2f618fa” TYPE=“ext4”

  • The contents of d1.partitions doesn’t help me at all.

    What is the output of the blkid command for a partition that uses btrfs?

    You’re sure XFS is being cloned with raw?

  • The problem is that my btrfs and xfs, partitions are cloned with the raw method.
    My fog version 1.2.0
    And when I restore my partition sda6 (XFS or BTRFS) sda7 (EXT4FS) becomes an unpartitioned space.

    [CODE]cat d1.partitions

    partition table of /dev/sda

    unit: sectors

    /dev/sda1 : start= 2048, size= 204800, Id= 7, bootable
    /dev/sda2 : start= 206848, size=127971328, Id= 7
    /dev/sda3 : start=128178176, size= 1024000, Id=83
    /dev/sda4 : start=129202176, size=183297824, Id= 5
    /dev/sda5 : start=129204224, size= 4194304, Id=82
    /dev/sda6 : start=133400576, size= 86016000, Id=83
    /dev/sda7 : start=219418624, size= 93079552, Id=83

  • It is supported, but there’s not volume management to automatically tell the system to use the btrfs. Mostly cause I need a blkid to test against.

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    partclone.btrfs is part of FOG and therefore already supported I reckon! Haven’t tested it myself though…

  • Yeah, what?

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