• Is there a way to allow FOG to single PXE boot without having to set it in the BIOS? The problem we have is that we have around 9-10 thousand computers between multiple sites and none of them have been configured to boot with the NIC first. With our current version of Ghost Suite (old version as it runs 8.2) if we image a computer through the server, it will PXE boot to image itself. Is there a way to configure FOG to do the same thing so we don’t have to go touch all of the computers?

  • Developer

    It depends on your hardware and how your BIOS is configured.

    Intel have ‘vPro’ which allows you to do what you want. (remotely change boot order)


    [quote]Remote boot the PC by remotely redirecting the PC’s boot process, causing it to boot from a different image, such as a network share, bootable CD-ROM or DVD, remediation drive, or other boot device.[1][7] This feature supports remote booting a PC that has a corrupted or missing OS.[/quote]

  • I think it would be more likely that a Ghost service would modify something in the OS or bootloader to do this rather than give you a true PXE boot. I’m only guessing though as I’ve never used Ghost. I believe Dell have a tool that will let you package config changes into executables that can be deployed. Other manufacturers may have similar tools and there are also more scalable solutions that can help such as Intel AMT.