• Hey guys,

    Back in .32 there was an IP address field when viewing the host. In 1.2 that field is gone.

    I added two lines of code to the hostname.php service checkin that grabbed the current IP address of the machine ‘$_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]’ and then replaced the IP for that host with the current one in the DB. We did this since our campus is all DHCP and we have over 1000 computers all over the place we use in FOG.

    This made it VERY easy when someone would move a computer and not change anything in the FOG system. We would see a different IP (Or campus has a different range for every building so the IP is a identifier for us) and be able to figure out where it went. It also helped to keep our management tools updates when the address changed.

    Since that field is not there anymore…it kinda broke that…lol

    So my request is…any chance of getting this back? It was exceptional useful for us back in .32 days.

  • Senior Developer

    The IP field may not be visible, directly, but it is not gone. When you search for a host, it automatically searches for the ip field, at least in SVN.

  • How did this work? I never really used it before; did a host checkin its IP to its entry in the FOG database when the FOG service started (or when it PXE booted)?

  • we relied on IPs a lot too. Now we just make sure 065-251 or what ever is part of our host name. Not idea, but works.
    Im not sure what fields are searchable, but we search a lot by tag1 for inventory, maybe put the IP in tag 2?

  • Ok, ok…i meant not there in the host screen or viewable(at least that i can find). 😄

    So the table is still there in the DB i see so i am going to assume the function to set it is also still available?

    I guess i just need to know if it is still viewable somewhere or if i need to add that field to the host screen like it was before.

    Or do you know of a better way to do what I am asking currently?

    Appreciate your help!


  • Senior Developer

    Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it no longer exists.