• I have enabled Green Fog and added a shutdown event and it is not working. Is this a known issue?


  • We are also having the same issue FOG version .29

  • Sorry for all the posts - just trying to keep the thread updated.

    Apparently, [B]Auto Log Out[/B] reboots the computer by design:
    [QUOTE][COLOR=#000000][FONT=sans-serif]This module of the FOG Service will log a user off of a client pc after X minutes of inactivity. This module will display a screen saver-like GUI after 3/4 of the inactive time is up. So if the time out value is 40 minutes, the GUI will be displayed at 30 minutes of inactivity. [B]When the time is up, the client computer will reboot[/B].[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

  • Nope, on further testing it’s the auto logoff causing the reboots and NOT shutdown/reboot. I tried setting forcerestart=0 but, that didn’t change the behavior. Hmmmmm.

  • I can get it to restart but, haven’t gotten it to simply shutdown with these settings:

    FOG Server:
    [][FONT=Times][COLOR=#000000][B]FOG Configuration -> Auto Log Out -> Enabled [/B][/COLOR][/FONT][COLOR=#000000]and set to 5 Minutes[/COLOR]
    ][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times][B]FOG Configuration -> Task Reboot -> Enabled[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]
    [][COLOR=#000000][B][B][FONT=Times]FOG Configuration -> Green FOG -> Enabled [/FONT][/B][/B]and set to reboot in about 5 minutes[/COLOR]
    ][COLOR=#000000]Restarted FOGScheduler service[CODE]# /etc/init.d/FOGScheduler restart[/CODE][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000]FOG Client (Edit the [B]taskreboot[/B] settings in [B]C:\Program Files\FOG\etc\config.ini[/B]):[/COLOR]
    Then restart the FOG client service

    This will reboot the client in about 5 minutes. However, if I increase [B]Auto Log Out[/B] time the reboot will not happen until this time period has expired. If I set [B]Green FOG[/B] to Shutdown instead of Reboot it reboots anyway.

  • We are also experiencing this problem …logoff hasn’t been reliable either.