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    I am trying to register a host when it boots it says unregistered but when I attempt to register it I get a host name already exists on the boot menu and the web admin. When I search my hosts by name and by mac address I am unable to locate the record. I believe I have a corrupt record in my database but I am not comfortable with editing it directly. Anyone able to suggest some step by step commands to remove the offending record the host name should be lap7p96302 and the mac address [FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=black]D0:67:E5:2E:1E:AD.[/COLOR][/FONT]

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    Can you hit me up on Google

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    2952 that you loaded its been stable for me so far.

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    What revision are you running

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    When I locate that record it showed two records and wouldnt allow me to insert the mac address so I deleted both and tried to recreate it in the fog ui but when i added host it went to a blank screen and the record is still not visible in the fog ui. I went back into mysql and tried your commands again and got this result.
    mysql> select hostID from hosts WHERE hostName like ‘%lap7p96302%’ \G
    *************************** 1. row ***************************
    hostID: 6223
    1 row in set (0.01 sec)

    mysql> INSERT INTO hostMAC SET hmHostID=‘hostIDreturnedbefore’,hmMAC=‘d0:67:e5:2e:1e:ad’,hmPrimary=‘1’;
    ERROR 1062 (23000): Duplicate entry ‘d0:67:e5:2e:1e:ad’ for key ‘hmHostID’

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    Well you could get the hostID of the host named lap7p96302 in the hosts table of the database:

    [code]select hostID from hosts WHERE hostName like ‘%lap7p96302%’ \G[/code]

    Then insert the mac address from the returned hostid into the hostMAC table:

    [code]INSERT INTO hostMAC SET hmHostID=‘hostIDreturnedbefore’,hmMAC=‘d0:67:e5:2e:1e:ad’,hmPrimary=‘1’;[/code]