• Possibly mentioned before, but as a first user, but the upload versus download terminology is initially extremely confusing. I’m setting up a 15 client network. Prepared my first PC, then tried to make a resizable image. That worked fine. However, this wouldn’t install on the 2nd PC as the hard disk was empty (no partition). So I wanted to change my image to be a full disk, non-resizable. After some issues, I managed to get things in a state where I selected “Download” in the web interface, instead of “Upload”, and wiped my first PC, so could start all over again!

    Obviously download versus upload works if you’re on the client itself, but from the web interface these words work less well. May I suggest a slightly different terminology? I suggest: “Disk to image” and “Image to disk”. Or perhaps: “Host to image” or “Image to host”. These words don’t change meaning depending on whether you’re on the client or on the web interface.

  • To image is to download… Create image is to upload… Never really thought about it past that.

    Fog makes perfect sense to me, however I don’t believe FOG is for beginners? Not at all discouraging anyone by any means, but to seasoned vets that do this day in and day out… FOG is a great design as is, and has little confusion from the UI in my opinion.

    We all started green, and yes many moons ago I too placed a blank drive over an image… OOPS ! Once you do this to yourself it will most certainly never happen again…lol Been there, done that… Learned the definitions quickly after that. Old Norton’s Ghost days, and I am far from missing them 🙂

    Many thanks to all that contribute !!


  • I agree about the confusing terminology. I mean, it doesn’t confuse me but, I do have to “think” about it for a second when I’m doing stuff from the web GUI.

    I really like the Deploy/Capture terminology. I also like the Client/Server terminology. Everyone is familiar with these and they can’t be confused.

    And, for “Quick Image”, how about “Quick Deploy” instead?

  • The phrase “quick image” confuses me. From the PXE menu I selected “quick image” and noticed the word “download” appear on the web interface so I quickly unplugged the computer I wanted to image. To me imaging a drive means creating an image file from the drive.

  • Tom,

    While I respect your Point of View I too feel that the terminology is confusing.

    In an Imaging environment the terms Deploy and Capture should really be used. A Server can upload and download and a Client (Host in FOG) can also upload and download so the terminology is confusing. In the case of Deploy and Capture, there is no confusion from any POV. If I say deploy an image, that only can mean put an image from whatever medium it exists (Server, USB, CD/DVD, Floppy) onto a client machine (Be it another Server or Desktop/Laptop). Inversely, if I say capture an image you know exactly what I am wanting to do.

    On the subject of confusing terminology, in my opinion, Host is confusing as well. In an imaging environment (As is the case in [I]most[/I] Client/Server relationships) the Server is the Image HOST and the end point machines are Image CLIENTS whether they are giving or getting an image.

    At some point your own programming thought of it this way but it doesn’t resonate through all of FOG. See the attached Screenshot taken from the Hosts Tab --> Select any Host --> Basic Tasks and you see next to the Upload and Download tasks you had to explain what they mean using the word Client instead of Host. In my opinion, if the words Client/Server and Deploy/Capture were used instead of Host/Server and Upload/Download you would not even have to explain what the task meant as it would already be understood.

    Sorry for the possible thread jack!



  • While you’re correct that it’s been discussed before, I guess I’m confused about all the confusion.

    This isn’t directed specifically at you.

    While I do agree people are confused and thank you all for the efforts, I guess I never understand what was so hard to understand.

    We only create Tasks from the Hosts or Group of Hosts. Wouldn’t it make sense that all tasks are setup from the “Hosts” point of view?

    Hosts upload things to the server, and download things from the server.