• I’m running centos 6.4. Fog 1.1.2 (yeah i know i’m working on upgrading). The issue is that when the disk becomes full FOG responds by loading the schema updater screen like i just installed an upgrade. However when you try to run the update it fails. What should happen is that fog fails to load with an error page that says it can’t connect to the database or some message like this. I’d be happy to provide any additional information as needed. I’ll also test this once I upgrade to 1.2.

  • Senior Developer

    It’s a non-connector at that point.

    Which is why the attempts to install/update schema fails. There isn’t anything on the distant end running. The link between webserver and mysqlnd is operating
    so it presents the screen.

  • I understand. Any idea why it would be showing the schema updater tho?

  • Senior Developer

    Since we moved to a more “update” method of connecting to database, I’m afraid this isn’t an easy thing to achieve as it’s using the php-mysql(nd?) connector as a mediator between the two.