Storage node testing and disk information not displayed

  • Hello,

    Firstly, thanks to the devs. Fog is excellent.

    I have deployed a storage node and have a couple of questions.

    []I am using the location plugin, how can I test to be sure the image is being pulled from the correct storage node? Everything seems ok in testing I just can’t find the log to confirm. I don’t want to flood the WAN with image traffic.
    ]The web GUI disk information does not work for my storage node. It just says failed to connect
    Any ideas?

  • @Ben-Warfield

    Thank you Ben, just updating, simply comment de bind address on my.cnf solves the issue.

  • Developer

    No the webgui is not encrypted.

  • [LEFT]Does it encrypt the password in GUI “FOG_STORAGENODE_MYSQLPASS” ?

  • Hello,
    I have the same problem, and nothing work.
    I have a ubuntu 14.04 server and fog 1.2.

  • No problem.

  • I was able to fix it.
    Turns out I had had changed the user and password in the config.class.php file when I was testing to see if that’s what the problem was. I changed it back to fogstorage and password and now it’s working.

    My issue was just that the mysql db needed updated.

    Thank You so much!

  • Now,

    From the storage node, can you perform the same command, just adding -h’IPOFFOGSERVER’

  • Yes, I was able to log in with those credentials, and yes the bind-address is commented out.
    I restarted the mysql service and I still get the failed to connect error.

  • The default is a randomly generated one performed at install time. It only happens the first install.

    The fact that it reports 0 rows affect tells me, it seems, that updating this field is working properly as well.

    A test you could do could be to sign in to mysql using the password you set and the same info:

    [code]mysql -u fogstorage -p’<your-fogstorage-pass-here>’ fog[/code]

    Does it allow you in with this? Also, is the /etc/my.cnf bind-address commented out?

  • Return said “Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)”
    I restarted mysql and I’m still having the same issue.

    Is it possible that I could just change the password in the GUI and in the node back to the default (whatever that is)?
    The only reason I changed it was because I had no idea what it was and it was in hidden characters.

  • You need to login to the mysql instance. From a terminal on the FOG server run the command:

    [code]mysql -u root fog[/code]

    Then run the above command.

  • Where do I enter that?

  • If you’re comfortable with the mysql syntax, you’re more likely going to have to change the fogstorage password in the db then.

    To do this the syntax should be:
    [code]SET PASSWORD FOR ‘fogstorage’@’%’ = PASSWORD(‘new-password-here’); FLUSH PRIVILEGES;[/code]

    This should help out.

  • Tom,

    I changed that password in the GUI because I was unsure what the default was and I had to enter the credentials when I was installing FOG.
    So the credentials in my storage node currently match what is in that location.

  • Yes,

    the Storage node password for the (fogstorage) user is found in:

    FOG Configuration Page->FOG Settings->FOG Storage Nodes->FOG_STORAGENODE_MYSQLPASS

  • On the server username is root, and password is null. On the node the username is fog storage and the password is password.
    I’m guessing that’s where my problem is?

  • In the Config.class.php file, there’s a section not too far from the top of the file that starts with “private static function db_settings()”.
    Database_host should most likely be ‘localhost’ unless you have your database stored somewhere else
    Database_name should be fog
    Database_username and Database_password should be an account with access to the fog database. I’ve changed my username/password so I can’t tell you for sure what the default is

  • I did notice that between my FOG server and the storage node the TFTP_FTP_PASSWORD value was different. I changed that line so they matched and restarted mysql, but I still am receiving the same error.

  • Both my fog server and my storage node are using Ubuntu 14.4.

    can you please elaborate what you mean by “correct mysql connection info in the db_settings function.”

    Thank you!