• Hi
    I we have just purchased 90 new asus T200TA net books and having trouble with imaging over FOG
    Any Help would be appreciative. We have gone into the bios and enabled the ip4 pxe boot and it trys to
    boot but Stops and then goes right into hdd boot.

    The Fog is running we have had successful imaging on other systems recently
    we are running the newest version of fog with ubuntu 14.04

  • I believe the secure boot is causing the issue I disabled it in bios but dose not seem to be actually disabling it.
    These are also blocking my linux usb boots such as gparted and linux mint

  • During Boot up it says
    Checking media Presence
    media present
    starting pxe over IP4

    then goes to next screen
    downloading NBP
    Succeed to Download file
    and proceeds to boot as normal

  • We are running fog 1.2.0 with ubuntu 14.04 LTS
    Unsure what you mean by installation details. i have searched through a few forums
    but havent found much related to my situation.

  • Senior Developer

    I don’t know if it is working quite yet, so potentially a perfect test?

  • Developer

    by “newest version” i assume you mean the latest official release, 1.2.0. correct?
    the problem you’re having may be related to the eMMC SSD in the computer. i think systems like this have been accounted for in the newer SVN versions of fog, but i wasn’t involved in that work, so i can’t be certain.